Current Clients

1. Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT), Division of Aviation

  • Design, Develop, Implement, Sustain and management of the KDOT UAS program of record
  • Develop and manage the KDOT Public, and Civil UAS COA’s
  • Design, Develop, Implement and coordinate use cases of the Kansas Supersonic Transportation Corridor (SSTC). This is the First aerial route in United States ever created for civil supersonic flight activities.
  • Development and management of the KDOT Urban Air Mobility Test Corridor
  • Development and management of the KDOT UAS transit corridor KS to CO

2. Unmanned Aero Systems (UAS), Italian Client

  • Provide UAS business consulting and market penetration planning.
  • Market and provide Piccolo Small UAS training of the Gozo sUAS in the American market space
    • Provide UAS design change recommendations to Gozo

3. Federal Aviation Administration A&AS consulting and survey participants

  • Aviation and unmanned consulting
  • Provide Human Machine Interface survey participants

4. Vanilla Aero

  • Unmanned Consulting
  • Business Development
  • Unmanned operators 

5. MissionGo / Alaris

  • Unmanned Consulting
  • ORM/ORA Consulting
  • SMS Consulting 

Previous closed Contracts


  • Provided Frequency staffing and approvals for 3 separate operating location in CO.

2. Saxon

  • Provided Flight Crews for international sales

3. Crew Training International

  • Business Consulting and head hunting for contract support


  • Facilitated the acquisition of PAE ISR
  • Completed due diligence and logistics supply inventory of over $35M of product.

5. Icarus Aerospace

  • Business Development and Proposal writing for UAS services.

6. Federal Aviation Administration A&AS consulting and survey participants.

  • Provided 58 Survey Participants over a 6 month period
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